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Reshaping the Investor Experience – Multi-Mandate Approach to Investing

We believe that an effectively diversified portfolio should be built around three distinct mandates, with each mandate having its own unique objective, expectation, and contribution to the portfolio. By understanding the role of each mandate in the portfolio and working with your client to develop the optimal combination, this process seeks to reshape the investor experience and address the impact of market movement.

It is through the combination of mandates that we can achieve greater diversification, more effective risk management and enhance investor returns.


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Strategies in this mandate are designed to replicate the risk and return of the overall stock and bond market movements. It will:

  • Fully engage in markets, seeking full participation
  • Effectively manage longevity and inflation risks through consistent exposure
  • Be implemented with index funds, ETFs, equity and/or bond separate accounts

Strategies in this mandate are designed to actively adjust asset class weightings to increase/decrease their exposure to market movement. It will:

  • Utilize flexibility to actively adjust portfolios to changing global market conditions
  • Adjust risk in portfolios while opportunistically allocating to attractive asset classes
  • Be implemented with ETFs and active mutual funds in traditional and alternative asset classes

Strategies in this mandate are designed to provide a source of risk and return that is independent of overall stock and bond market movements. It will:

  • Provide sources of risk and return that may have low correlation to other strategies in a portfolio
  • Identify non-traditional risk and return opportunities with little dependence on market direction
  • Disengage from general market movements and introduce new sources of risk and return

Traditional Moderate Diversified Portfolio vs. Three-Mandate Portfolio

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