Harnessing the latest technology to streamline your business

Pulling It All Together
Our comprehensive technology solutions allow us to bundle our investment process and solutions into a single account. Imagine taking all your client’s investments, packaging them together on one platform and providing a simplified view to your clients.

We provide a consolidated back-office platform to streamline workflow and remove technology constraints from your practice. We offer the latest tools and advances in two critical areas: Unified Management Account (UMA) and household aggregated reporting technology.

UMA 2.0 Technology – Control, Simplicity and Operational Efficiency

Our technology platform puts you at the leading edge with the latest advances in UMA technology. With our UMA version 2.0 solution, you can:

  • Combine investment strategies across our mandates in one account
  • Manage risk-based models efficiently at the practice level, rather than the client level
  • Rebalance, reallocate, hire/fire managers at the client level or for your entire book of business.
  • Segmented reporting at mandate-level to set proper client expectations
  • Wrap it together in one account, one 1099, and one set of paperwork.